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15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Header with ENEA, and ICCF15 logos


The conference will have a scientific character and its primary target is the presentation, discussion and publications of results concerning the Fleischmann-Pons Effect. ICCF-15 will give to participants the appropriate frame for contributing to the advancement of the discipline. The Conference will be also an opportunity for participants mainly interested in the scientific status of this multidisciplinary field to have both an exhaustive review of the research developments and a picture of the perspectives in this field.


Measurements and measurement techniques
Calorimetry and excess of power measurements
Nuclear (Radiation) measurements
Isotopic composition study
Spectrometry and others analytical techniques
Electrochemical measurements

Hydrogen isotope loading in metal lattices
Measurement of hydrogen isotopes loading in metals and alloys
Mass transfer mechanisms
Loading techniques

Hosting materials
Metallurgy and Metallurgical treatments
Hydrogen in metals
Hydrogen in micro and nano structured metal particles
Surface treatments
Surfaces characterization
Electrochemical characterization
Study of the interface and of the processes at interface

Theory and Modeling
Theoretical concepts
Computational results
Systems modeling
Statistical analysis

Related topics
Relevant topics from physics, chemistry, material science and engineering

The official conference language is English.